Notes from an Anarchist About the Iranian Election

Just like in the recent French elections, it is irresponsible to abstain from voting when faced with a choice between a predictably non-ideological technocratic candidate and a vociferously belligerent conservatism. Those at the receiving end of state violence do not have the luxury to hold their breath until bohemian intellectuals establish their global mutualist anarcho-syndicalist ecotopia.


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Ashegh Ashayeri
Opening the Neighborhood Gate: Homswood Rattles Power Behind Syria’s Television Industry

The Bashar era did not only usher in a new understanding of the value of using television dramas and comedies to their own benefit – it created a new understanding within media producers themselves. In interviews and elsewhere, many of Syria’s directors explained what their modus operandi became since Bashar took the helm: a tanwiri or “enlightenment” mission, seeking to enlighten the “backwards masses.” Even comedy shows explain their work based on this premise.

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Ameer Al-Khudari
They who did not participate have no honour

At 7:30PM it was already getting dark. Since we lived in the area, we just had to leave our houses. We had hidden the masks on the route on the side of a church and we had written slogans on the wall like, “May the regime fall,” “Freedom,” and “Free Syria.”

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-Syria, Aleppo