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The Fault in our Symbols:Turkish Culture Wars in Context

Efe Levent

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Out Their Asses: Discourses on Sex Work in Kiev, Beirut and Istanbul

Sara Shamas


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Art Special


Manjm: A Palestinian Cultural Space in Haifa is Reclaiming Authentic Artistic Voice


As in every settler colonial state, Israel is appropriating Palestinian art and culture and serving it back again to Palestinians, stripped of any signs of identity and belonging. This is where Manjm wants to provide its independent, unapologetic and authentic art and culture. 

Unofficially Exiled: a Conversation with Qutlugh

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My family told me that they won’t be able to contact me frequently. When it is suitable, they will contact me themselves. The next time we were in contact was three months later, a brief phone call—just five minutes. Another time they left a message, but I could not get a hold of them. But I heard that cadres will question why families are getting calls overseas and I worry my family will be harassed so I did not contact them. Then we started having emoji conversations on WeChat.


Between Wu-Tang, Fairuz, and Borders:
Syrian Rappers in Diaspora

As Syria continues to slip further into the abyss, and
creeps warily past a bloodstained sixth-year milestone,
Syrian artists of all varieties are trying to make sense
of an absurd half-decade spent aimlessly adrift.