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How Acupuncture Cured my Anthropology

Efe Levent


Out Their Asses: Discourses on Sex Work in Kiev, Beirut and Istanbul

Sara Shamas


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A family matter: Charlie Hebdo and French fantasies of collective trauma


Those who identified with Charlie, who joined the march and claimed “Je suis Charlie” took part in the conjured unity of the attacked République and were part of that blood relationship, mourning their fathers.


Morrissey isn’t senile, He’s always been a racist


Morrissey's career has thus far gone unharmed and his views have not been collected. He has an overwhelmingly white fanbase, yet the alternative scene is not adverse to social justice and calling people out. I see a lot of activists in various political realms fighting great fights while failing to confront (or at least distance themselves from) The Problem of Morrissey.


Between Wu-Tang, Fairuz, and Borders:
Syrian Rappers in Diaspora

As Syria continues to slip further into the abyss, and
creeps warily past a bloodstained sixth-year milestone,
Syrian artists of all varieties are trying to make sense
of an absurd half-decade spent aimlessly adrift.