Morrissey Isn’t Senile, He’s Always Been a Racist

Morrissey's career has thus far gone unharmed and his views have not been collected. He has an overwhelmingly white fanbase, yet the alternative scene is not adverse to social justice and calling people out. I see a lot of activists in various political realms fighting great fights while failing to confront (or at least distance themselves from) The Problem of Morrissey.

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Darya Rustamova
Out Their Asses: Discourses on Sex Work in Kiev, Beirut and Istanbul

At that moment I realized that abolitionist laws — which were primarily pushed by the American Christian Right and were later adopted by Western feminist schools — are now being lobbied for by middle class feminist activists from developing countries who care little about actually protecting women, but would rather turn to the West for their moral compass.

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Sara Shamas
The Fault in our Symbols: Turkish Culture Wars in Context

In the 1930’s, the Turkish state usurped the Surp Agop cemetery in Istanbul. Tombstones from the cemetery were used to construct the National radio station headquarters and the stairs for the famous Gezi park. Why is this act of violence forgotten? Why does symbolic oppression often take precedence over real violence and injustice?

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Efe Levent
No! Idlib Is Not A ‘Terrorist Enclave’

It is ironic that Gabbard, Duke, Prashad and many others who seemingly oppose Israel's never-ending war on Palestinians (or America’s never-ending wars across the MENA) cynically adopt and repeat Israel’s dehumanizing and anti-muslim discourse of "terrorist stronghold", "human shield" and local regime’s “right to self defence”.

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Sina Zekavat