They who did not participate have no honour

At 7:30PM it was already getting dark. Since we lived in the area, we just had to leave our houses. We had hidden the masks on the route on the side of a church and we had written slogans on the wall like, “May the regime fall,” “Freedom,” and “Free Syria.”

-Syria, Aleppo
On the possibility of a Rainbow

The location was beyond gorgeous: purple turquoise mountains, enormous dragonflies, caterpillar-scorpions, and not a village in sight. Yet from the start, Lioness knew something was wrong: the ground was covered in bullet shells. 

Maïra Al-Manzali
Forgive Us Our Sins but not Theirs: On Kundiman

Every few years I find myself in a spell of being unable to read fiction. A lot of the time I think it’s all frivolous, self-indulgent bullshit, anyway, trying at once to create worlds while most often disengaging from the one we live in.

Katherinna Mar