Guide to Every City Digital Edition

Guide to Every City Digital Edition


Writer: Efe Levent Artist: Alaa Alhassoun Arabic Translation: Talal Bou Kheder

Guide to Every City is a fictional guide to a made up city. The inhabitants of this made up city are not humans but insects. The work uses this metaphor to explore the burning issue of social polarisation which exists in every city. Written from the perspective of made up travel writer Steve McCracker, the work also lampoons the latest trends in orientalist travel writing. It is published in broadsheet newspaper format in three languages: Arabic, English, Turkish. Thousand copies are printed and numbered. This is the high resolution PDF version of the entire publication.

Guide to Every City was first published as part of Orthopaedics exhibition held at the artist space poşe on 28th March 2019 with the contributions of Ona Göre design.

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